"You can heal your past, reclaim your present and brighten your future."
Say hello to the true you!
A joyous, confident you  

How many times in your adult life have you felt content? You deserve to feel carefree. You have the power to take off the burden.

The first step to succeed is to drop the weights.

A financially stable you

And have you ever felt completely stable, unconcerned about debts and finances?

As you release yourself from all that weight on your shoulders, you will learn how easy it is to be sure about those digits in your bank account.

You're ready to...

Make the choice to love yourself

Embrace your identity to be happy
Release yourself from anxiety, financial burden, fear and loneliness
Start living by facts vs. feelings

Think freedom, success, health, joy and so much more.

We believe there’s nothing more powerful than feeling successful and satisfied with life. A solid relationship with your faith is always a good place to start, because it makes you see what’s important and what’s not.

And learning how to differentiate the productive events - whether sad or satisfied- painful incidents, is one of the keys of this healing process. Seek joy, health, freedom, love and success - and find it!

Don’t do it alone - let us guide you through the process of your blossoming!

Be abundant now community
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Be prepared to embrace
Financial stability and tranquility
The Choice - A better lifestyle, filled with healthy habits and encouragement
Friends, family and - overall - a team
Does energy work...... work?
Yes! Energy work transformed my life and I want the same for you. All you need is to be open.
I’ve had clients experience profound results after the first session—there are so many incredible success stories.
Samantha Jackson
There are so many things that I loved about "Christian Warrior Women" by Lisa Hawkins, I hardly know where to begin. This is the first book I have read by her, and it will not be the last. I was so immediately pulled into her world, and loved hearing her advice, and sharing what she has been through and what she has learned. Lisa also invites us to participate and actively engage with the process by presenting a series of questions throughout the book that we can ask ourselves... questions that make us see things differently, or discover hidden truths that may be causing problems in our lives. I love how there are clear steps of what we can do right now to become strong Christian Warrior Women, and this is something we can do every day. The probing questions and insightful, profound answers broaden our perspectives and makes us think in a more God-centered way. It truly engages us and real-life examples further illustrate what she is explaining. Inspiring and relevant, I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life and live under God's plan.
  • A community - women, just like you, searching for answers - and finding them.
  • A team - that is willing to help you feel as comfortable as possible during the process.
  • People willing to hear your ideas - you are welcome to speak your mind up. And we want to listen.
  • A defined goal: after you take your first step toward your purpose and a healthier lifestyle, guided by Christian principles, we guarantee you will  feel and gain confidence to face life and all its challenges
  • Coaching - you will be granted the possibility of one on one/ group guided through the whole process.
  • And last but not least - HEALING
Please note: A 24 hour cancelation notice is required to avoid a session charge.
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